7 Worst Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss is that one thing every obese woman or man dreams of. It’s like ticking off an item from your bucket list. While some are able to maintain a strict diet and a program of physical exercise and get the results they desire, others are “lazier” when it comes to fighting against those extra pounds.

And then there are also those who in spite of the fact that they maintain a balanced diet and perform physical exercises, are not able to lose weight. Whenever they go up on that scale, the needle just stays put. No matter the category you’re in, there’s comes a time when you ask yourself one of the following questions:

Why am I not losing weight although I am eating healthier?
I have started exercising daily. Why am I still gaining fat?
Why have I become fat in the first place?
What am I doing wrong?

Need an answer? Here are 7 mistakes you are making that are probably keeping you from having a slim body:

1Have you established the right calorie intake for your body?

People tend to overestimate when it comes to counting calories. Let’s say that you established an amount of 2000 calories as being the necessary intake per day. You actually need 1800 calories and the rest of 200 calories are only an additional 20 pounds on your frame. Those 1800 can be divided into 3 meals of 500 calories each, for instance, and the 300 calories that remain can be used as a snack throughout the day.

2Staying active does not necessarily lead to calorie burns

You might feel that after a day of running errands you lost some pounds. The truth is that you only burn up to 400 calories, which is 1/10 of a pound. Short bursts of intense activities will help you burn more calories, so whatever you do try to increase the pace 1 minute out of every five so you can lose one third more calories.

3You are not aware of the food quantities you take in

The best way to have complete control over the food quantities you take in is to write down everything you eat. And while you do that, try to compare the amounts of food to different objects, so you can have a clearer image of how much you ate during that day. For instance, a fist for rice or a golf sized ball for nuts. This method is most recommended for nutritious foods.

4You are not doing your research before going out

If you have already chosen a restaurant to dine in, look up for their menu and see what foods they serve and what can you pick up for your diet. Check out nutrition facts on the Internet and choose what suits you the best.

5The portions of your treats are too big

Truth is that no one will ever follow a diet if it doesn’t include small amounts of their favorite foods. As a result, if you love ice cream, do not remove it from your diet. Instead you can eat a small portion once a week. This is a balanced recommendation simply because it avoids that moment when, after a long period of abstinence, you would end up indulging into large amounts of ice cream, ruining all the work you did so far completely.

6More crunches, less cardio

It’s a common mistake everyone makes when trying to lose belly fat. You tend to eat more crunches and you also tend to exercise less. Do not forget your cardio routine. Focus on abs exercises, three time a week for about 45 minutes.

7You’re not aware of the snacks you eat

If you are into eating snacks try to focus every time you are doing this. Avoid eating them while your mind wonders elsewhere, while you are in front of the computer or TV. This way you will be able to control the amount of intake.

Following these tips could save your diet plan and your life from a constant state of depression and frustration caused by being unable to lose the amount of weight you desire. So, be aware of everything that’s around you and focus on doing the right thing for your health.