7 Skinny Girl Yoga Secrets That Keep Women Toned

Have you heard some chatter but are still looking for reasons to try yoga? Maybe we can help you out.

Many perceive the exercise to be simply a practice of mindfulness combined with different stretches that help you lose weight. Those are true, however, there is more to yoga than just that. Health experts have been looking into the numerous benefits of the exercise to our bodies and it extends from the physical up to the mental. Yup, you heard me right. So, if you’re ready to be convinced, read on and take a look at seven amazing reasons why you should roll out your mat and start posing now.

1. Yoga Improves Brain Function

In yoga, a breathing exercise usually starts off a class. You are encouraged to let go of any thoughts outside of your practice and focus on taking in each breath consciously and deeply, feeling the rise and fall of your chest, and then letting it out. This teaches you to fine-tune your attention to what is occurring at the moment while focusing and meditating, clearing your mind of any distractions.

Research has found that these practices help your brain function better and is especially beneficial to ageing women where the thinning of cognitive processes are beginning to show. Meditation seems to help alleviate these circumstances and improve these conditions significantly. A recent study proves that a 20-minute hatha yoga session greatly benefits brain functions as compared to a brisk walk or jog of the same amount of time.

2. Yoga Makes Your Days Happy

Studies have been dedicated to figuring out what exactly happens to the brain during meditation and the results are phenomenal. When meditating, the brain’s left prefrontal cortex is activated and that initiates feelings of positivity and emotional resilience. In layman’s terms, the practice inspires a happier and lighter you. People who have engaged in the activity for longer periods of time share that they feel they are more put together and less emotionally reactive when they come across unpleasant situations.

People who experience too much stress in their lives should consider making yoga a part of their regular routine. The practice is known to reduce the amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body thus equally reducing stress.

3. Yoga Promotes Proper Digestion

Has your gut been acting up?

We are well aware of the fact that yoga comes with an array of different poses that stretches and firms up muscles, eases all sorts of aches and pains and strengthens our body overall. But, the yoga poses you work to achieve can also promote healthy digestion in your body and clear out built up toxins. Have you noticed how all of your twists in postures start from the right then to the left? That is designed to follow the path of the digestive system and massage your organs to help keep the food moving along the digestive tract. Amazing, huh?

If your bowel movement has been an issue for a while, start yoga and talk to your instructor about it. There are special postures he can recommend to help you achieve regular and healthy digestion.

4. Yoga Strengthens Immunity

In any given time of the day, there are over 200 viruses that can come into our body and cause us to get sick. If our immune system is weak, this can result in coughs, colds or even worse. Practicing yoga can help us strengthen and build up our immune system causing us to fight away sicknesses at bay. The breathing exercises we rehearse in every session strengthen our respiratory system which helps prevent the occurrence of an infection. Asana, a strategic sitting position, helps deliver fresh blood to our different organs allowing an increase in the oxygen levels. Plus, there are so much more poses that gently massage and bring healing to our body parts causing it to function in optimum level.

The beauty is, you don’t have to wait too long to experience the benefits of your practice. While on the mat, your postures are already working to help you achieve your best body yet.

5. Yoga Makes You Good At What You Do

Clutter is the enemy of creativity. For us to be able to come up with fresh ideas and concepts, we need clarity and space. That is what meditation and yoga can give you.

In today’s fast paced society, stillness is everything. Practicing yoga in silent meditation can allow brain processes to work giving your mind the space it needs to come up with fresh thoughts. Yoga moves the different areas of your body, allowing energy to flow all throughout to your brain. This allows you to come up with better decisions, healthier thought patterns, leading to a better you.

6. Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

Yup, you read right! And this we promise.

Now, you’re thinking in terms of flexibility and performance yeah? Well, that definitely is true but there’s more to it than just that. For starters, the continuous practice of yoga definitely firms up all your muscles making you look good and feel better about yourself. That builds up your confidence even in the bedroom. Also, studies have shown that yoga speeds up the release of the hormones in the body that enhances the arousal in men allowing for better blood flow in their genitals.

Hold up, ladies, we have something for you as well. Thru yoga, women’s bedroom experiences are greatly improved as well due to improved lubrication and more powerful orgasms as a result of the firming of the pelvic muscles.

7. Yoga Helps Fight Food Cravings

The practice of mindfulness in yoga becomes your lifestyle. What do we mean by that?

In the exercise itself, we are taught to be mindful in actively experiencing the present. Through careful practice, this becomes true about everything you do including eating. Mindful eating teaches you to be aware of what you put in your body and what your body is telling you during the course of your meal. The mind-body connection is in turn strengthened which allows you to understand better how much food is enough to satisfy you without overeating.