4 Women’s Exercises That Burn Double The Fat Of Cardio

There are many women today who avoid going to the gym because they have no definite plans of lifting weights.

Many actually fear lifting weights because they do not want to get bulky or ripped as men normally do.

If you are one of these women, you have to realize one undeniable fact and that is women do not get big or bulky just by lifting weights.

In fact most women body builders have resorted to taking testosterone to enable their muscles to expand as large as men.

With that being said, you should go to the gym and lift weights as they will sculpt you body in many ways that you did not believe possible.

Here are four barbell exercises that you should consider doing.

1Barbell back squat

For a lot of women, the barbell is the least used gym equipment because many have the misconception that only men use them.

Barbells are actually one of the most effective gym equipment that strengthens most if not all of your muscle groups.

The first exercise that you must consider doing in the gym is called Barbell Back Squat where you add some weights on any barbell and lift it on your shoulders behind your head.

Will carrying the barbell in your back, square your legs and perform squats.

Make sure that your elbows hit your thighs in each repetition.

Also, you must straighten your back so you avoid injury.

Good for:

• Back
• Buttocks
• Core

2Barbell bent row

This exercise is similar to the Barbell Back Squat in the sense that you must keep your back straight at all times.

To achieve this exercise, bend your torso down at a 90 ° angle, then pick up the barbell and lift it up until your waistline.

Make sure that your torso parallels the floor to achieve proper form.

God for:

• Back
• Chest
• Shoulders

3Barbell deadlifts

This exercise is very similar to Barbell Bent Row, wherein you are at a standing position and your torso is parallel to the ground.

The only difference with this exercise is instead of lifting the barbell to your thighs with your arms; you should use your thighs to lift the barbell.

This means that your torso will be going up with each repetition. Keep in mind to always guide the barbell to your thigh area with your arms as you raise your torso.

Good for:

• Glutes
• Thighs
• Buttocks
• Lower Back

4Barbell good morning

This exercise is a mixture of Barbell Back Squat and Barbell Deadlifts.

To perform this exercise, you must carry the barbell on your shoulder behind you head while standing.

Next, lower your torso at an almost 90 ° angle before proceeding to go back up.

Make sure that you keep your back straight at all times to avoid injury.

Good for:

• Lower back
• Core
• Buttocks