3 Women’s Workout Cardio Routines That Burn Twice The Fat Of Running

Studies carried for decades by organizations focused on cardiovascular health have showed a strong link between a healthy heart and physical activity. However, for people over 30 years of age, especially women, frequenting a gym on a regular basis is not too convenient, as it can eat up a lot of time that must be used for taking care of the kids, work and household chores. An exercise machine can be a great replacement for going to the gym, and cardio training workouts can be organized at home, instead of a gym. Women that care about cardiovascular fitness can purchase their own cardio equipment and start training at home, in order to stay physically fit.

1Cardio workouts with exercise bikes

There are many exercise machines that can help you strengthen your muscles and improve the health of your cardiovascular system. As indicated by studies carried by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association, individuals that are physically fit are much less likely to develop coronary heart disease, and even if this condition occurs, it does so later in life and it is noticeably less severe. Exercise bikes allow you all the cardio workouts you need, and the best thing is that you do not have to leave your home in order to carry out your cardio workout exercises.

2Cardio exercises at home with rowing machines

Another exercise machine that can help you fight efficiently against cardiovascular condition is a rowing machine. This indoor exercise machines will provide you with the means to carry on with your cardio training workouts without having to abandon your family and their needs to go to the gym. It is not only your cardiovascular health that is at stake here. Other conditions, such as hypertension, osteoporosis and colon cancer are effectively prevented by cardio workout exercises. Even patients that have suffered a heart attack can benefit from cardio workouts, as long as they are monitored by their doctors, and their death rate is lowered with about 25%.

3Cardiovascular fitness with jump ropes

If exercise machines are not exactly your thing, you can always consider a jump rope as the only cardio equipment you need. You can execute various cardio exercises at home, using nothing but a jump rope. You may have heard that you need at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular fitness each day in order to protect your heart. However, you may feel daunted to jump the rope or execute other types of cardio workouts for half an hour without interruptions. Specialists in health care advise to exercise for 30 minutes daily, but not necessarily at one time only. Accumulated 30 minutes of cardio exercises at home in short bouts of physical activity offer the same benefits as strenuous exercises, and it is more recommended to try this type of cardiovascular routine, especially if you are not an athlete, you are interested in maintaining your health and you do not focus on obtaining performance.