13 Weight Loss Tips For People Over 40

Increase your chances of a slimmer you after hitting the big 4-0 with these bad habit breakers, good lifestyle routines, and healthy eating tips.

Want to increase your chances of slimming down after hitting 40? Chances are you have a few bad habits to break and along with some healthy eating tips you can easily lose pounds.

So be prepared to feel years young and reclaim your youthful body with these 13 weight loss tips!

1The Kitchen is Closed!

Keeping yourself from eating after a certain hour definitely assists in helping you shed the extra pounds, no matter how old you are.

People who eat throughout the day and night are more likely to gain more weight than those who stop at a certain time in the early evening.

Most people who snack at night go for something quick and unhealthy, so closing the kitchen has many positives.

2Go Organic

Eating organic foods can help you lose the pounds! Organic produce is the way to go.

The Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology illustrates that food containing pesticides can alter the levels of the thyroid hormone in your bloodstream, which can lead to weight gain and cause numerous health issues.

Women who are older are at a higher risk of thyroid problems, therefore, this is a great reason to go organic.

3Increase your Protein Intake

Looking to slim down after 40? Increase your protein intake.

The Journal of the American Dietetic Association mentions that a diet with low-protein causes more lean muscle loss, especially in post-menopausal women. I

f you aren’t a fan of meat, try adding extra nuts or whole grains such as quinoa to your menu.

You can also start supplementing with your favorite protein powder.

4Weight Training

Aging can cause a depletion of muscle tissue in women.

Building muscle with a weight training routine can help you burn calories along with increasing your resting metabolic rate.

Even if you start with very light weights, just beginning is the first step.

You can easily find some online training programs or hit the gym and ask a trainer for some exercises.

5Take a Swim

A great workout that you can add into your schedule is swimming.

The pool is a great way to get your body into shape, regardless of age.

You can burn around 500 calories an hour swimming at a leisurely pace.

Upping your speed will allow you to burn even more calories.

Being over 40, low impact exercises are beneficial since there is no wear and tear on the joints.

6Stick to a Schedule

By keeping a regular eating schedule, you are helping yourself ditch those extra pounds.

Sticking to a consistent eating schedule can curb your hunger cravings and keep you from reaching for foods that are high in fat or sugary.

Try to plan out your meals, this way you won’t be grabbing something unhealthy when you feel hungry.

7Online Support

It is hard to stick to a new regimen and you need the support of others to assist when you face challenges or hit a wall.

Most people are finding it harder and harder to make time to go in-person to a meeting for support.

Great news, there are now online support groups! These groups encourage weight loss and give you guidance while you shed those pounds.

8Salty Snacks are Out

Eating saltier snacks makes you retain more water and increases bloating.

You will end up drinking a lot more to quench your thirst.

If you skip the salty snacks, you will put yourself on track for more weight loss. You won’t be as thirsty, and you will feel leaner in no time!

9Get some Sleep!

A Nurses’ Health Study revealed that out of 60,000 women who were studied over 16 years, those who were only able to get 5 hours of sleep or less each night increased their chance of obesity by 15%.

Getting enough sleep is an effective means of slimming down.

So make sure you get yourself to bed at a reasonable time.

10No more Cocktails!

Instead of enjoying those sugary drinks, make a change now.

A single flavored martini can cost you as much as 600 calories.

And let’s be serious, if you have one, chances are you are going to have another!

Another interesting fact, by drinking cocktails you can actually make your hot flashes worse.

11Switch to Whole Grains

Whole Grains are higher in fiber than refined bread, thus they help you stay full longer so you don’t get hunger cravings.

If you are battling some belly bloating from menopause, whole grains are an effective way to curb that as well.

12Intensify your Workouts

Spending countless hours at the gym won’t get you anywhere, it’s how you spend your time that makes the biggest difference.

Using high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to amp up your routine and give your metabolism a boost.

It not only helps with overall fitness, but it increases lean muscle too.