11 Secrets To Destroy 4 Inches Of Tummy Fat – Rapid Weight Loss In 14 Days

Just admit it – we all love to eat. There’s nothing like sharing a hearty meal with family and friends while spending time with each other. A good meal can brighten up any day, as well, whether you’ve got company or are going solo. However, the food choices we make can be detrimental to our figure and weight.

When the pounds start packing on and the curves start jiggling, it’s time to reconsider our lifestyle and the choices we make. Not only for beauty’s sake but also for health purposes, eating the right food and living more actively might be necessary to keep you healthy.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways you can adjust your lifestyle and diet to lose the unwanted weight and trim your figure.

1Tea Time

We all know how healthy tea is as a beverage. There’s a large variety that brings various benefits to the body and provides it with much of the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Incorporating it to your daily diet will improve on the functions of your different organs.

Green tea, for instance, is a good antioxidant and is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It is also good for detoxification. Have you heard of the Matcha version of the famous tea though? It is considered even healthier and richer in benefits. A study shows that drinking it after a good workout can allow you to burn more calories. It is perfect with skinny milk and drank either hot or cold.

2Junk The Junk

What are you feeding your body? When aiming to lose weight, it is helpful to take a look at what you are regularly eating. Get rid of the sugars, fatty food choices, alcoholic beverages and snacks high in salt. Choose a diet that will bring positive benefits to your body, will help you gain muscle and burn the calories you need.

3Eat More Thermogenic Food

Do you know that some kinds of food cause you to burn more calories during digestion? Yup, they are called thermogenic food. Some examples would be lean meat and cruciferous vegetables. Research shows that including these food in your daily diet will allow you to burn the same number of calories you would when walking for an hour. Imagine, just by eating the right food, your body does the work for you.

4Load Up On Hemp

Hemp seeds are a good source of fibre, protein and magnesium. The omega 3 fatty acids found in the seeds increase lipolysis in the body and causes it to burn fat. These are usually eaten raw; they may be sprinkled on salads or used in smoothies.

5Drink Lots of H20

Before having anything in the morning, drink water. Before, in between and after meals, drink water. When you’re bored, drink water. When you’re hungry, drink water.

We don’t appreciate water as much as we should. It does so much in boosting our metabolism and detoxifying our bodies. It keeps our organs, our skin and every part of our body healthy. Don’t allow yourself to be dehydrated. Drink lots of H2O to keep burning the calories.

6Go For Circuit

Circuit has grown in popularity over the years as a great overall workout. Why? Previously, it was advised to work on the different parts of your body that you want to trim down or build muscle on. That’s called spot-training. However, recently, working on the entire body while engaging the core has been considered more effective. You burn more calories doing high-intensity movements like burpees, push-ups and squats. Also, circuit training requires a shorter amount of workout time than the regular. Try it out and you’ll surely see the difference in your body.

7Be On The Move

When trying to lose weight, the first step is to do more cardio. Yes, cardio is still the most effective workout you can engage in to burn excess fat. You don’t have to wait ‘til you’re in the treadmill to start. Take long walks in the park, skip the elevator and use the stairs, run with your dog or simply get your own cup of coffee. All these movements added up will help you get rid of fat and burn more calories.

8Eat Big After Workout

After working out, you’re usually starving. That’s because you used a lot of the fuel your body had stored up. This is the time to indulge. Nope, I don’t mean eating everything and anything in sight. That’s just a waste.

Eat your biggest meal after a workout but still make sure that it benefits your body. You need good carbohydrates, lean meat and fruit and vegetable fibre to restore and recharge. Drink heaps of water as well to rehydrate. Plan your meal and plan it well.

9No More Diet

We all think cutting the sugary-sodas and replacing them with their diet alternative is a really good idea. But excuse me for being blunt – that’s just wrong. Studies have shown that people who drink diet sodas on a regular basis have a bigger waistline than those who do not. “Why? It has no calories,” you ask. Well, researchers believe that you compensate for the zero calories in your drink with the food you eat. Possible, huh? Don’t risk it. Stick to the right beverages we have listed in this article. You’re safe that way.

10Plan Your Treat Meals

We all need those days when we just skip the diet and eat “well.” Maybe it’s a dinner out with family or good friends; or maybe it’s a movie date you planned with yourself and popcorn is involved. That’s fine.

The key with treat days is to plan ahead. You know when this is going to happen so make good choices in advance to compensate for what’s about to take place. Eat well throughout your week and enjoy the treat. One meal won’t ruin what you’ve got going. Be consistent in your diet and give yourself a break once in a while. All good.