10 Tricks To Get Rid Of Stubborn Leg Fat

Do you suffer from stubborn leg fat? If you want strong and leaner legs you can flaunt and have fun with, then let us help you with that. Partner these 10 effective steps we’ve summed up with a healthy diet and lifestyle and reap all the rewards in no time.

Here are some ways to tone your legs and end up with a fitter and healthier you.

1. Squat Away

Squats are probably the best workout for your legs. It engages all the muscles you have on your lower half, including the glutes. It also helps build knee-strength, keeping you safe from future fall. However, squats need to be learned and done correctly. Practicing with an incorrect form can prevent the effectiveness of the workout and even serious problems with the joints and muscles in the future. Learn the move properly to gain all the benefits from that one single movement.

2. Love Lunges

A basic and extremely effective move using your own weight in a forward step movement, the lunge is an all in one stretching and toning exercise. A recent survey conducted among fitness instructors placed the lunge as the second best in shaping the lower half of the body including the glutes. Question is, does it really help in weight loss? Definitely! Pair it up with a proper diet and workout plan and the results are fantastic. It not only causes you to engage your leg muscles, but also your core giving you a full-body workout.

3. Leg Press

Add this exercise to your daily routine to build more leg muscle and burn more fat. With every press you make, you engage your leg, thigh, calf and glute muscles. Can you imagine building on all those areas in one move? Yup, serious lower-half fat buster this one. While working on those areas, you also keep your core engaged and working. With the leg press, you don’t have to push on too much weight. Experts advice using lesser weight and doing more repetition for better results.

4. Brisk Walk

Brisk walking’s benefits extend from the muscles to the mind. Studies have shown that taking 30-60 minutes away from your busy schedule to fit in a walking session leads to weight loss despite not making any other lifestyle change. It will allow you to shed pounds, tone those flabby areas and leave you emotionally well. Because you constantly engaging your muscles and using bone strength, the activity promotes the health of both. It is an activity that is free and enjoyable. Beginners can start with 10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the speed and time until they reach their goal.

5. Go Sprint

Find your track and sprint your way to toned and leaner legs. Not only does sprinting increase your heart rate and cause you to sweat using up the calories you need to, it also does so much in burning fat in the legs and causes the muscles to contract and gain form. According to research, short stages of intense workout are as effective in weight and body fat reduction as long periods of moderate exercising.

Add sprints to your workout routine and pair it up with a proper diet and you’ll have the strong, lean legs you’ve been dreaming of.

6. Incline

Have you noticed how walking on an upward hill is just so much more difficult to do? You find your legs shaking and your heart racing in just a few strides. Yup, that’s normal and exactly how we want it. If you want to quickly lose more leg fat and tone those muscles, find an uphill track you can practice your brisk-walking on and see the immediate and fantastic results. Walking uphill gets you burning more fat in no time. For you to see the muscles built in those legs, you need to burn the layer of fat hiding them away. That’s what walking on incline can help you do.

7. Calf Raises

Want to gain some muscle on your down time? Try some calf raises. The beauty of the workout is you don’t have to do it in the gym alone. Practice while you’re waiting or even working. You gain muscle and hasten your metabolism doing this. Reveal those hidden lower leg muscles by repeatedly doing calf raises.

8. Coffee

Probably the most loved beverage in the world today, coffee is a good morning drink because of the weight loss benefits it contains. Coffee has become a part of some of the most effective fat burning supplements for a good reason. It contains caffeine which helps put fats from our fat tissues in motion and increases the body’s metabolism. It also gives us more energy and helps keep us awake when we need to. It also promotes a faster metabolism and good digestion.

Make coffee your morning drink and enjoy all its benefits plus its wonderful taste.

9. Citrus Snacks

Citrus fruits are a delicious and healthy snack alternative that can help you burn the excess calories. This low-calorie food choice is loaded with Vitamin C which fights inflammation in the body and keeps the skin elastic and smooth. They are also rich in fiber, which is good in promoting proper digestion and weight loss. Packed with other vitamins and minerals that fill the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly, citrus fruits are a top snack choice if you are wanting a fitter you.

10. Add Calcium To your Diet

Calcium is mostly associated with building strong bones and teeth in the body; however, recent studies suggest that adding two to three servings of low-fat calcium in your diet can also aide in weight loss. Take note though that the key is to go low-fat. Calcium not only promotes good muscle contraction causing it to build and form, but also regulates the body’s fat burning machinery allowing more stored up fat to be used up.

The nutrient is essential in the overall health of the body so it’s time to make it part of your daily calorie intake.