10 Small Changes To Triple Women’s Weight Loss – Lose 14 Pounds With These Simple Changes

Nowadays, when looking to lose weight, we plan a ridiculously difficult workout routine and cut out all the “good” stuff from our diet. We deprive ourselves of the fun stuff like hanging with friends and going out on a Friday night because it will surely be a calorie-packed session. Yeah, this will definitely work, but listen, it’s not the only way.

If you’re aiming to lose a couple of extra pounds a month but don’t really want to change your lifestyle altogether, there’s still a way. You’ve surely heard of the age-old saying, “simple is best.” Well, that goes for diets as well. There is a way to shed the extra weight by simply tweaking your lifestyle and diet here and there.

We’ve come up with a number of ways you can lose the extra weight while still enjoying your days. Read on and find out how.

1. Go Red

Red fruits and vegetables – yep, they’re the best for your diet. Packed with healthy antioxidants such as anthocyanin and lycopene, these super foods can fight heart disease and reduce the fat storing action of the body. So yes, go for red apples, red grapes, red tomatoes, red bell pepper…and so on. Go Red!

2. Smell Dessert

That’s right! I didn’t say eat dessert, I said smell it!

Research has found that smelling fruits like apples and pears can actually curb your appetite. It also makes other sugary food and desserts less inviting to you because, in your mind, you are considering healthier options.

3. Candy Color Dreams

What a beautiful dream! Before having a pack of your favorite chocolate bar or candy, think about it. Imagine putting it in your mouth and savoring the taste of each bite. Indulge yourself in your thoughts. Have as much as you want in your mind.

Studies have shown that dreaming of your favorite sugary snack before having it actually makes you eat less of it. I guess it’s because of the fact that you’ve enjoyed it already in your mind and you don’t need to have too much of it in reality. Great strategy indeed!

4. Full Fat Goodness

Okay, let me explain before you start planning your next meal.

Many of us opt for the skim, lite and fat-free version of our favourite healthy products. Modern medicine suggests that we cut down on the fat from our food for a healthy diet. However, some products like milk are better taken full fat. According to studies, they make you feel satisfied having smaller amounts keeping you full for a longer period of time. So, having the full fat version of your dairy products might actually be saving you some calories.

5. Pu-erh Tea

The famous tea is widely used in Chinese herbal medicine for its health benefits. It contains polyphenols which makes it a very good antioxidant. The chemicals found in the tea makes it a good fat burner and has calming effects which helps reduce stress in the body. Aside from that, the tea is popular for its blood cleansing qualities and promotion of healthy digestion in the body. All of that in one drink. It’s high time to include the tea in your diet.

6. Black Coffee

The favourite breakfast sip is beneficial in more ways than one. It contains caffeine which literally wakes up our system and aids in proper digestion which leads to weight loss. For good reason, it is a part of most fat-burning supplements. It boosts the metabolism and mobilizes the fats stored in our body.

A cup taken black has almost zero calories in it. Yup, that’s right. Zero! However, with some milk and sugar, it packs on a whopping 80 calories per cup. So, if you’re serious about cutting calories here and there, start taking your coffee black and you’ll feel the cut in your inches as well.

7. Hot Baths

Taking hot showers before bed is refreshing and beneficial in more ways than one. For starters, everyone loves to smell good when hitting their fresh sheets. It makes you feel good inside out. Hot baths before bed also helps the body relax and releases pent up tension in the muscles from the long day you had ensuring you a good night’s rest. The brain also releases a love hormone, called oxytocin, which leaves you in a positive state – where we want to be when we close our eyes and head off to dreamland. Start switching you bath time and reap all its rewards.

8. Workout With Friends

Workout dates with friends and partners are the new in thing. Squeeze it in before heading out or after a long day of work. It can be a fun activity and you gain so much from it to. Imagine catching up while rowing, or listening to good music together while lifting. Take a dance class and have fun correcting each other’s moves. There’s so much you can enjoy together while encouraging each other to burn off the extra weight. Studies have also shown that people who workout with others tend to be more successful in reaching their body targets than those who do it on their own. That’s because it becomes more enjoyable and rewarding to do it with pals and it challenges you to do better as well.

9. Dress Down

We can move better when we’re dressed comfortably. That is simply the truth. Studies have shown that people who dressed casually when heading to work took more steps during the day and moved around more. If you want a simple and effective way to lose the extra pounds, then dress down and run your own errands at work. The rewards are just around the corner.

10. Salad Ingredients

If you want to have a salad for a meal and not binge after an hour due to strong hunger pangs, then you need to pack it with the nutrients you need to keep you satisfied. Try adding some boiled eggs, lean meat, avocado and beans to fill you up. That will ensure that you have something to burn for a while after your meal.